Why you’re about to see a giant sandwich shop opening in San Francisco

Sep 28, 2021 Type

Subway sandwiches have been everywhere lately, but they’re really just the latest in a long line of small-town restaurants to open up in the Golden State.

The first such sandwich shop opened in San Jose in 2015.

And in 2016, Subway opened its first San Francisco location.

But there’s no denying that, while the fast-food chain has seen a big growth in popularity over the past decade, the San Francisco sandwich scene has been stagnant since its inception.

The new Subway sandwich shop in San Bruno is set to break the mold.

The sandwich shop is called “Subway,” and it’s set to open on March 10.

Its owners say that it’s a sign of the times and a sign that San Francisco has finally taken the lead in bringing the fast food chain back to the city.

Subway’s comeback has been fueled in part by a wave of growth in the San Diego-area, as well as the booming popularity of burger joints.

The San Francisco area has seen the most restaurants open since 2007.

But, like most other parts of the United States, San Francisco is not immune to the fast restaurant trend.

That’s where the sandwich shop will be.

“Subways have been here for more than 100 years,” said co-owner and CEO, Michael Hirsch, to SFGate.

“They’ve been a staple in San Franciscos restaurants.

We’re trying to bring that back.”

He continued, “Sublime is the new Subway.”

The sandwich is comprised of a traditional sandwich with lettuce and tomato, as opposed to the sandwich that’s usually served with bacon and cheese.

The two main flavors of the sandwich are the regular and the Sublime.

The classic sandwich has lettuce and a tomato and is the same size as a regular sandwich.

But Sublime has been expanding and getting wider in recent years, which is why it’s now available at smaller-sized sizes.

It’s also the second Subway sandwich in San Fran­cios, following in the footsteps of the San José location.

The franchisee behind Sublime is Subway’s former San Jose location, where it was known as the “SJ Sandwich Shop.”

This location closed in 2016.

In 2017, Subway launched its San Francisco branch.

The newest San Francisco Subway location is set for opening sometime in the next few months.

The restaurant will be the first to feature the iconic red-and-black design that the San Jose branch had.

According to Subway, the new San Francisco spot will offer a variety of sandwich options, including sandwiches with different meat, cheese, and toppings.

Hirsch told SFGate that the sandwich’s new menu is just the beginning of what Subway plans to offer.

“We have a lot of plans to bring our signature Sublime to San Francisco, including expanding to smaller sizes and even adding a Sublime Special,” he said.

“Our sandwiches are so beloved in San Diego, and we’ll continue to expand that footprint.”

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