Why the UK is spending more on flowers than ever before

Sep 20, 2021 Type

We spend more on our flowers than anywhere else in the world, according to a new study.

The report by the US-based consumer advocacy group Consumers Union found that consumers spend more than $7 billion a year on flowers, compared to about $3 billion a day spent in China.

The UK spends about $1.5 billion a month on flowers compared to $2.5 million a day in the US.

But the report, based on data from a survey of 1,200 consumers, found that the UK was spending more than the US in total.

It also found that while the UK spent about $5,000 a year in total, it spent about twice as much as China on flowers.

Consumers Union says that the £8.5billion in annual flower sales is not enough to offset the UK’s budget deficit.

“The average consumer in the UK has spent around $8,000 on flowers per year, but they are paying more than twice as many pounds per pound,” said Consumer Affairs Director, Rachel Gaffney.

The consumer group also found a £2.3 billion surplus in the last year of the Conservative government.

But Consumer Affairs says it’s important to note that the figures exclude a number of tax breaks, including a tax credit for small businesses and a tax break for home owners.

“It is important to remember that the flower price survey is a snapshot of the average consumer spending patterns and not a representative sample of all consumers,” Ms Gaffley said.

She said it was possible that the consumer group’s survey is not representative of the wider population.

Ms Gaffey said consumers also had more to lose from rising prices.

“There are lots of other costs to consider like the tax relief, the stamp duty, the tax-free allowances, and there is also the cost of stamp duty on overseas purchases,” she said.

“These are all things that we would all be well advised to pay attention to, because there are real costs to be borne by the consumer when it comes to flowers and they need to be covered by tax and other policies.”

“Consumers can now shop in supermarkets and convenience stores, and these are also very competitive and they are more likely to have a variety of flower products to choose from.”

Conservatives have previously claimed that they would “end the death tax” and abolish the tax on the purchase of flowers, although the Liberal Democrats and Labour are not currently backing any of the proposals.

“The government has indicated it wants to cut the death-tax rate from 25 per cent to zero,” said Ms Guffey.

This is “a clear signal to the private sector that it is not going to get any relief from the death penalty, as we have seen it in the past,” she added.

In February, the Conservative-led coalition announced that it would reduce the capital gains tax from 15 per cent of the value of a property to 9 per cent.

However, Ms Gaffe said that the tax would be “deregulated” so that it no longer applies to purchases by a company or a partnership.

And she said that any change in the capital gain tax rates would only apply to the purchase and sale of property.

Last month, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the government was introducing a new scheme called the Personal Capital Gains Tax Relief Scheme (PGCRS), which will bring in an extra £1 billion in tax relief for all investors.

Businesses and organisations are also expected to get £1.3billion in tax breaks.

Despite the new capital gains and capital gains relief schemes, the Government has announced that they will not reduce the death or forfeiture tax, and the Government says it is “concerned” about the impact of these measures.

While it will not be able to make a change to the death and forfeiture tax rate, it will look at the impact on small businesses, Ms Haggarty said. 

In an interview with Sky News on Thursday, Mr Cameron said that while he did not like the way the government is making decisions on capital gains taxes, he would “continue to work with the devolved administrations to find a solution”.

“It’s not good enough to have one set of rules, but it’s certainly better than not having one set at all,” he said.

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