Which Disney-owned and Disney-branded shops are worth the most?

Jul 8, 2021 Purchase

The local barbershop chains, Disney-licensed and Disney products, and Disney theme parks are some of the most popular destinations for visitors to Walt Disney World, according to data from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

While Disney-authorized retail outlets have been popular for decades, the data shows the retail sector has grown in recent years as new chains have popped up.

This year, there are now more than 1,500 shops in the Walt D.W. shops category, which encompasses more than 200 chains, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Theme Parks, and Walt Disney Studios.

“It’s a new generation, and the older generations have had their say, so it’s great to see them taking the reigns,” said Sam Stacey, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The data also shows that Disney-themed merchandise has been gaining ground, with stores like The Disney Store and Disney+Shop topping the list for sales.

While these shops have been gaining a lot of traction over the past several years, they still represent less than half of all Disney-supported retail outlets, which are primarily owned and operated by retail businesses.

These stores are a popular destination for kids, and they also attract guests with their variety of attractions, including the Haunted Mansion, the Haunted House at Epcot, and Frozen Land at Disneyland.

The retail industry, including Disney, has become increasingly reliant on digital sales to survive.

While many retailers are focused on growing their online sales, there’s still a need for retail establishments that are accessible to a wider audience.

While some of these retail chains have been operating at full capacity since the holiday season, others have struggled to keep up with the demand.

“I think the big challenge for retail is to keep attracting customers to their stores,” Stacey said.

“The challenge is that there are not as many retailers in this market as there used to be.”

Here’s a look at some of our favorite Walt Disney-affiliated retail outlets that are worth checking out.

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