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Posted by David Broder on October 11, 2018 07:06:46 This morning I was on a trip to the supermarket.

I saw an advert for a “Shop Light” and bought a “Lightbulb”.

This was a rather odd sight as a shopping light would be a standard shopping light that has a lamp on top.

The fact that the store had an “Open Door” sign on the door and there was no sign to suggest that the light was for the public was an indication that the lights were for private use.

As a result, I did not bother to look around for a sign for the shop.

The lightbulb was not for sale but was instead for sale at the back of the store.

I have not looked at the signage since.

What did I see?

An open door with a sign stating that the shop had an open door policy.

I am not sure why they did not do this at this store.

The shop is in the area of the main road.

The sign does not read “Open door” in English but English in Mandarin, Chinese and Japanese.

How can I make this stop?

I have never seen a sign like this.

The “Shop Lights” signs are often a sign that the owner is advertising a store that has special offers and is offering discounts.

The only sign that this is a private store is the “Open Doors” sign that is placed on the entrance door to the shop at the end of each floor.

In this case, the “Shop lights” sign was not placed by the owners, but by the store managers.

So what should I do?

I do not have a problem with private stores selling products and I am quite happy with them.

I also do not mind that there is no sign saying “Open doors”.

I understand the logic behind the store owners wanting to advertise a business that is not open to the public.

I would like to see the owners have a sign at the door saying “No lights allowed” and the “No light allowed”.

I would also like to know why the sign was put up so that I could not look at it from the street.

I will be interested to see if the owners of this store do not want me to see their sign.

I hope that they are very careful about their signage because if they are not, I would be quite disappointed with the outcome of the incident.

The sign in this case did not say “Open-doors” but “No Lights allowed”.

I am quite sure that this sign was placed by a manager who has not been paid for this particular trip.

I would like the owners to do a proper investigation into the behaviour of the managers who have put this sign up.

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