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This was my day to cry shop your way

The Lad wrote: My life was over.

I had a heart attack, but I could not do it.

I could never find my way out of this.

I cried shop my way.

The Lad wrote that his father had died from a heart condition and his mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

He was the son of a doctor, and the loss of his mother was so devastating.

His mother, the Lad said, was a strong woman.

She could do things with her mind, like read and write.

The Lad added: But she never knew that I had this strength in my heart.

She had no idea that I could.

When I was 13, I went to the funeral home.

The funeral home manager came to me and said, “I’m a little worried about you.

You were going to buy a coffin for your mother.

She was a very strong woman, and I think that you need to be strong for her.

I told him that I couldn’t go.

I told him, I’m not going to sell my mother.

He was like, “Oh, that’s great, but that’s not for you.

That’s for your mom.

“But I didn’t think about that.

I was like a little kid.

I thought I was going to be a soldier.

I just felt like a kid again.

I didn�t think about it.

I went to my auntie�s house and she was there.

She told me to come inside and I said, Mom, I want to get my mother out of here.

She said, No, it�s too dangerous.

I said no.

My mom came out and said it was too dangerous and that I would never be able to walk around.

I would be like, No.

You can stay here and we can get you out of there.

So I got on my mother’s back and I got her in the coffin.

The lid fell off, and my mom was just in a pool of her own blood. And that�s when my mom said to me, “You can stay.

You know that you can get your mother out.

“I was just sitting there crying.

I knew what she meant. She wasn�t lying to me.

I know that.

She wanted to make sure that I knew she loved me.

But I had never seen her like that.

Then she said, My little boy, you need some money.

I went out there and I borrowed some money from the bank.

She borrowed it back from me.

So I went back to my mom.

My mother told me that she was going through with the funeral, but it was going on.

But the funeral wasn�re really, really painful for me.

My mom was really, REALLY upset and upset about it, and she couldn�t do it, either.

She had never been in a funeral before.

I had gone to her house a couple of times.

I took her out there once and she fell down, and her head hit the side of the coffin and she passed away.

I tried to help her but I couldn�T do it and my heart was pounding.

After the funeral I was in the mall, shopping.

Suddenly, I was walking down the street and I see this man.

He stopped and I was screaming and crying and screaming. I couldn.�t believe what I was seeing.

I remember him saying, “Mom, she was a beautiful person.

She died because of you.

The man, the manager, came up to me a second time and said that my mom had been in the funeral and that my grandmother had passed away before me. “

She died because I�ve never done anything bad to her.”

The man, the manager, came up to me a second time and said that my mom had been in the funeral and that my grandmother had passed away before me.

He said, Oh, I�m sorry.

I don�t know why she died.

In my mind, I knew I had to get away from this.

It was all over, but now I could get my mom out of the cemetery.

I grabbed a shovel and I dug for a little bit.

I saw my mom’s body on the side and I saw a hole in the back of her head.

So it was all right there.

I got it out of my mind and I took a shovel out and dug it out.

I walked down to the cemetery and it was the worst day of my life.

I lost everything.

As I was digging, I heard the voices of my mom, my grandma and my sister.

They were screaming, crying and asking for help.

But they couldn�’t find anybody.

I asked my grandmother, “Can�t you get someone to come to help you?”

And she said no, she didn�ts know anybody who could help.

I looked at her and I remember thinking, What is this, my mom?

My mom died because she didn’t know anybody?

That was the hardest day

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