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This is the beauty shop that was made for the new iPhone 7

Now Playing: Samsung is working to bring the Galaxy Note 8 to US shelvesNow Playing: Watch as the Apple Watch Series 4 is unveiledNow Playing ‘Gotham’ star Ben McKenzie on the new film with director James WanNow Playing:’The Dark Knight’ director talks about Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeNow Playing’Gothamp’ star on ‘The Dark Moon’ and ‘The Hobbit’Now Playing”This is the first iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus product that I’ve owned in years,” says James H. Miller, owner of beauty and fragrance shop, the Cosmetics Store, in New York City.

“I am a big believer in Apple and I am super excited for this product.

I feel like the product is going to be a huge upgrade for women.”

But for the first time ever, Apple will be providing the iPhone 7 line of beauty products in a single box, with no other carrier offering the new product.

This is part of the company’s efforts to simplify the iPhone and improve customer service.

It’s the first step in a larger effort to simplify product offerings and make products available at the same time.

The company said it will begin rolling out new lines of beauty, body and hair products starting in the second half of this year.

It said the iPhone 8 will be the first device with the new line of products, along with the iPhone X, which will be released in 2020.

The iPhone X is rumored to be the device with a larger screen and faster processors, along the lines of the upcoming iPhone XS.

This will be a major launch for Apple, which has faced criticism for its decision to launch the iPhone 9, a device that it was quick to publicly admit would be a disappointment to its loyal fans.

However, some analysts have suggested that the iPhone’s new flagship model will be able to sell well, given the relatively low cost of the device.

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