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How to get rid of the silencer in your home: The simple way

Now Playing: You’ve got to buy a new gun for every year of your life, but you’re still likely to own one that’s out of service Now Playing “We’re all a bit bit crazy about guns now, don’t we?”

– Former police officer and ex-FBI agent Daniel King Now Playing Trump signs executive order for a ‘gun ban’ in an apparent effort to rein in gun sales Now Playing ‘A year of gun violence’: How the media are ignoring gun deaths Now Playing US president signs executive orders on guns, guns, and more Now Playing Why ‘The Walking Dead’ is taking over TV Now Playing How to stay safe while driving with kids Now Playing Will the Trump administration follow through with the ‘fake news’ tweet?

Now Playing Who will be in charge of the new US EPA?

Now The Associated Press is publishing exclusive videos and photos from the US Capitol, including photos of Vice President Mike Pence’s first visit there as president.

The AP also released a video of a speech by Pence at a news conference on Monday.

The Capitol was a focal point of the White House press briefing on Monday as it was the site of a rally by President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Now Playing US Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of Trump’s travel banNow Playing Trump’s first full day in office: His first day in the White Senate, in an abbreviated schedule Now Playing President Trump signs new executive order on gun control Now Playing Former US police officer who led undercover operation to arrest Trump says he was wrong to have been part of the investigation Now Playing Video: Trump tweets his opposition to a new travel ban Now Playing WATCH: Trump orders executive order to limit access to refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countriesNow Playing WATCH A look back at the day the President Donald J. Trump was sworn in: President Trump speaks to reporters on Capitol HillNow Playing White House chief of staff says Trump’s ‘travel ban’ is ‘not a Muslim ban’ Now Playing The US Congress has rejected President Donald Trumps travel ban.

The Trump administration will seek a Supreme Court review of the order.

(Reuters)Now Play The US Supreme Senate has rejected the President Trump’s Muslim ban.

(ABC News)Now Watch The US House of Representatives passed a resolution calling on Trump to rescind the travel ban in an overwhelming majority of its 435 members.

(CBS News)NOW WATCH The US Senate voted in favor of a resolution urging President Donald Donald Trump to reconsider his travel ban on Muslim immigrants and refugees. (Fox News)

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