Nintendo to reopen Christmas tree shop in Brooklyn

Aug 12, 2021 Delivery

The Nintendo of America has announced plans to reopen its first-ever store in Brooklyn.

The store, located in Brooklyn’s Rockaway neighborhood, will open in the middle of January.

Nintendo said in a press release that the new store is a direct result of a partnership between the company and the Rockaways.

“We’re thrilled to be able to expand our presence in Brooklyn, and we are excited to welcome our guests to our first store in Rockaway,” said Nintendo of Europe’s Executive Director, Robert O’Brien.

“We’re grateful to Nintendo of Brooklyn for its support over the years, and look forward to opening this store on New Year’s Eve.”

Rockaway is a predominantly working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn that is home to a large population of Latino immigrants.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Nintendo of Japan announced that it was planning to open a new store in the Brooklyn boroughs, which has been home to the company’s offices since 1985.

The new store will feature more than 25,000 square feet of space and a large indoor and outdoor plaza.

A large number of other Nintendo-branded merchandise is expected to be showcased at the new location.

At a press conference on Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the new shop is “the culmination of a decade of hard work and commitment.”

“It’s an opportunity for our boroughs to become a more vibrant and vibrant destination for people of all ages and backgrounds,” de Blasio added.

“Brooklyn has been a leader in attracting foreign investment in our cities, and this will bring our business community closer together and make our city stronger.”

De Blasio also announced a series of initiatives to support the local economy, including a $300 million tax-credit grant for businesses in the Rockaway corridor, as well as $2 million for the Rockway Neighborhood Partnership to create a new school and recreation center.

In addition to its opening, the new Rockaway store is expected have a presence in other parts of the borough.

The company is currently considering opening another store in New York City.

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