New skateboard shop opens in Hong Kong

Jun 19, 2021 Type

The latest installment in the Next Big Thing series of retail shops, called Skate Shop, is the latest addition to the local skateboard market.

The brand has been established in Hongkong and Singapore.

It will also be expanding into other markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and the United States.

Its founder, Hsiang Hong, said the shop will focus on skateboarding and other products that can be sold in Hong kong, a territory that is not a US ally.

It will be opening shop in the second phase of the development, which began in 2016.

“We are not a skateboard store, but we will try to be in all skateboarding markets,” he said.

“In Malaysia, for example, we will be in the country that is a partner of the US, but also there are many other markets that we will do our business in.”

Hong added that he had previously worked as a salesperson for the skateboard chain Nissin and had been inspired to create the shop after witnessing his family’s experience with skateboarding.

“After seeing my parents experience with a skateboarding shop, I felt like I wanted to help others,” he explained.

“This was my passion.”

Hsiang said the skate shop will also cater for the growing number of skateboarders in Hong and will be selling products for them.

“As of now, we are just selling skateboard parts, so we do not have a skate board shop at this moment,” he added.

“We are also going to be selling other skateboard products that are available on the market.”

The shop is a joint venture between the local brand and the American brand Nissins.

Hong said he had been able to acquire the company through his previous business ventures in Singapore and Malaysia.

He said that the store was able to achieve its aim of opening the shop in two phases, but that he hoped that it would open the shop as soon as possible.

“When we were in Singapore, we were looking at a big project.

We could have opened it in three months,” he recalled.

“But I think we will have the shop open in three to four months, and then it will be a brand-new skateboard brand.”

The Next Big Things series features brands, retailers and events from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and the Republic of Ireland.

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