How to start a smoke shop

Jul 9, 2021 Delivery

The following are a few tips for starting a smoke store: – Use the right kind of store.

You need a shop that’s not a drug store or a pawn shop.

You can’t have a drugstore and a pawnshop, for example, and not have a shop for cigars.

– Get a permit to sell tobacco.

You don’t need a permit for selling tobacco to anyone under the age of 18, but it’s better than nothing.

– You can have up to seven people working at a shop.

If you have a smoker in your shop, you’ll need to let everyone leave at least 10 minutes before closing.

– Smoke shops are required to wear safety glasses.

You’ll need them for smoking, but you can’t smoke indoors.

– Don’t put your cigar out on a table.

It can catch on fire.

– Always store your cigars in a cool, dry place.

You should never put your cigars out in a warm, humid area, even if it’s a private home.

If your shop closes unexpectedly, you may be liable for damages, and you should ask your landlord to keep your cigars separate from your belongings.

– The shop must be at least 25 feet from a building entrance.

– If the shop is in a high-crime area, keep a lookout for drug dealers.

– Be sure your store is properly secured, so you won’t have trouble getting into and out of the building.

If the store is not secured properly, you could lose everything.

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