How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for You and Your Friends

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Get ready to dress up for your favorite weddings this spring with a bridal boutique featuring the best in wedding style.

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“If you’re a little bit older than a couple and you’ve got some experience, there are all these people that are in their 60s and 70s and 80s and they’re just totally in love with the look of the dress,” says Bridal Designer Sarah Satterfield, who has been designing bridesmaids since 2003.

“And I’m just like, ‘Oh my god, what is it?’ and then I just start thinking, ‘Well, what do I want to wear?’

And it’s like, this is just so amazing.”

For a couple of years, the company made brides dress for different occasions.

They used to dress weddings, birthdays, and funerals.

But then, in 2017, it was all about “celebrating a wedding.”

“We really want to celebrate the big day, the big celebration, the really special moments that we had as a couple,” Satterfields says.

“It was a really weird time for us because we didn’t have any experience as a wedding dress company.

So we were like, oh my god this is the first time we’re really thinking about the bridal experience.”

To get that experience, Satterfeirston made a few changes to her store, and they worked wonders.

“We made our store so much more personal,” she says.

“We have the best dressmakers in the world, and we actually put our heart and soul into our designs.”

For the wedding, she chose the classic, black gowns that she knew her clients would love.

“I’m kind of a big fan of a certain vintage look, and I know that my clients like the old, classic look, so I wanted to make sure that I was wearing something that they could feel comfortable in,” she explains.

“I also wanted to be able to wear it with a little more leggings on it.”

And for the reception, she turned to the classic white gowns.

“The wedding dress, when you see it in person, you just think, ‘Wow, this looks like a great wedding dress,'” she says, laughing.

“But then the reception dress, that’s the same way.

It’s so beautiful.

You’re sitting there in a beautiful dress.

It just looks so good.””

And it’s the dress that my mom always told me to wear for my birthday.

It was one of the first wedding dresses she ever gave me,” she adds.

“And so when I got the invitation to go out and buy a dress, I was like, Oh my god.

What am I doing?”

It took about five years for Satterstons bridal store to become a full-fledged company.

But that was a pretty quick turnaround for Saterfield.

“When we started out, I didn’t even know what I wanted as a brides wedding dress.

And it wasn’t until the year 2000 that I did a wedding in New York City and I thought, Oh wow, this feels really, really good,” she recalls.

“But it was not until then that I started thinking, oh, wow, I really want this to be the experience of my life.”

She even got a little help from the brand’s own brand manager, Amanda Gadd, who was “so supportive of the idea that we wanted to do a wedding,” Saterfields says, “because she actually had an idea of what we wanted it to be.”

So what does a bris dress have to do with a wedding?

The bris is the term for a wedding gown that’s meant to be worn with a tie, and that’s why the brand chose the traditional style.

“You have a white, sheer, white-and-white wedding dress that has a tie on it,” Sitterfield explains.

“A lot of wedding dresses are white-to-white, and there are lots of different wedding dress brands that have really beautiful, pretty, elegant wedding dresses.”

For example, a bride’s wedding dress may look like this:”We are really, truly committed to making sure that every bris gown is beautiful and that it looks absolutely beautiful and is absolutely perfect for a ceremony,” says Satterstein.

“The wedding is a time of celebration.

It needs to look perfect.

So when we see a brisy dress, we really do think, this has to be a perfect wedding dress for that moment.”

To make sure the bris looked perfect, Saterstons designers added a lot of color.

“Because you have to have a tie to do the brisy, we had to really, seriously think about how do we really, honestly, really, creatively, get that tie on a wedding bris?

Because I mean, if you’re wearing a black dress, then you can really do it on your wedding day,” she points out

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